samedi 25 juillet 2009

Desi Chef - New Frozen Meals... Review

Yesterday I had the chance to try a new line of frozen meals - Desi Chef. (Available at some Sobey's grocery stores in the GTA)

S and I were so excited to try their butter chicken and get to review it - we couldn't wait- we loooove indian food :)

The chicken was nice and tender, good sized pieces (it was not 'plastic-y' or 'chewy' like what you find in typical frozen meals) it looked, tasted and felt closer to real chicken you would cook at home. It was dead easy to prepare too - 11 minutes in the microwave, stirring once after 7 minutes.

The sauce was nice and thick, the taste was heavenly. The right combination of spices... very yummy! It was a good amount of food - good portion size...

Had it with some quick basmati rice from Uncle Ben's.

I would definitely recommend it and will definitely buy it again (and again, and again... :)

Here's the nutritional info:

It's 2 points per serving (there's 3.5 servings per container - I had a full container which adds up to 8,5 points.) It's a bit on the high side of the amount of points I like to have for a meal - but it was well worth it - and, I mean: we're talking about butter chicken here, that's as points friendly as butter chicken will get without losing yummy-ness!! :)

I hope they become available in more stores and in more cities soon! Looking forward to see what other meals they offer...

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